Update in GlobalBet $40,000 Winnings Dispute

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Sportsbook Review reported on a $40,000 dispute launched against GlobalBet.eu last week.

In summary, a player claimed to have deposited $8,000 last year and ran his balance up to $59,000. He was placed on a payment plan, and paid approximately $19,000 before the withdrawals came to a stop.

When he filed his complaint, he shared an email he received from GlobalBet staff which claimed that the account would be revisited next month, though no specifics as to why the payouts were stopped was given:

The email is attached below:

GlobalBet: “I copy my boss {name redacted}. He is now aware of why your payout balance was canceled. We will however, re-visit the situation later in May, once the company has paid all selected US Clients, and assess possible value of re-activating your account upon a possible deal. So, we will keep the acct in NON PAYMENT Status for now, and will re-visit in May. This decision is final, and comes from the highest officer in the Group.”

Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom covered the dispute via video report.

GlobalBet has returned SBR's contact with a new update on the dispute, which SBR shared with the Sportsbook & Industry Posting Forum.

GlobalBet has claimed that an acquisition of their business is about to take place that will benefit players. No specifics were given as to this dispute or any complaints launched by players.

Sportsbook Review has asked that players with complaints against the sports betting website submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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