Update to BetUS Casino Complaint

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BetUS Sportsbook (SBR rating C) management has addressed the Blackjack casino complaint reported by SBR this weekend.

A player claimed that he believed the Blackjack insurance to be malfunctioning due to a software bug on his mobile device.

BetUS has clarified that there was a display issue that showed the dealers hands in reverse, and that this issue has been fixed. Hand insurance is working normally.

The online sportsbook has thanked the player for reporting the initial bug with the casino and has offered him a free play or tickets to an MLB game in his local state.

SBR has followed up with the player to confirm that the issue was handled to his satisfaction.

BetUS Sportsbook received an upgrade to C June 10th of this year. The sportsbook is openly discussing player complaints with SBR and has agreed to consider the industry standard when actioning disputes.

BetUS players with feedback or who have an issue can submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

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