Update: BetSolo Sportsbook releases statement

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Update: BetSolo Sportsbook has released a statement on the first reported complaint.

The online sportsbook also pointed out that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission advised for no comments to be made, but the sports betting site believes they have been targeted by bonus fraudsters.

BetSolo SBR to publish the below response to the complaint originally reported by a player on Monday, February 9.

Thank you for your enquiry. Of course we are sharing the reasons for our decision with you.

It has taken quite a long time to look into this, as we wanted to make sure to come to a fair decision. Also, the phenomenon of betting groups (geographical vicinity), similar betting patterns and identical utility bills/documents provided is the common denominator in more than one country.

In the case of [player name redacted]: He deposited EUR 100.- (maximum amount, like every player from Belarus), turned over his bonus until the bonus turnover had been reached, then stopped playing and asked for a withdrawal.

He comes from Zhabinka, a place where 34 of our Belarus customers are based, round the corner from several othe users. Like other customers, he has placed only single bets

We also refer to section 14 of our terms and conditions referring to groups of people playing.

Please find attached reports on our findings for Belarus, Slovenia and Brazil. All of these countries have been taken out of the bonus promotion, and we've had not one registration or deposit since then.

May we point out that we paid out nearly EUR 15,000 to Belarus bonus hunters alone, the deposits being just over EUR 7,000.- If you put that figure into a bigger picture  - customers just collecting their bonus winnings and then never returning, and this happening in many countries - this equates a suicide mission in the long run.

The common denominator, not only for these countries, but for customers throughout all geographical areas, is that the welcome bonus is mistaken for a "grab the money and run" bonus which in the end affects not only our business, but also the customers who are coming back and play with us on a regular basis. Of course there is always a certain percentage of customers that does not come back, but in the case of Belarus not a single one out of 75?

A small operator cannot survive mass-payouts and no returning customers. We do not object players winning and have paid out substantial amounts of money - but we also need a customer base, not just people touching down and leave again. We have been asked for loyalty bonuses of another EUR 100.- after players had already cashed in winnings of over EUR 1,000.- with the welcome bonus , and they were not willing to deposit again without another bonus. The major operators can absorb these players and are glad to have less competition.

Very often, people do not even read the terms and conditions of the bonus. In Belarus we found customers to be very reluctant to provide us with a utilty bill other than the receipt for the paid electricity bill.

Sadly, you only seem to hear about the complaints from customers, and in relation to the size of our database they are a small number. However, these experiences lead to the fact that we are given a bad name despite customers hunting for bonuses, trying to register with multiple addresses, swearing at our personnel via Chat, even defrauding the site by placing bets after the markets were closed (our dataprovider issued a fraud warning via MTS), then complaining. We are put into the position to justify ourselves, and something always sticks. It is really frustrating to read in forums how people are asking for advice to collect the bonus money with sure bets and how they would like to bleed dry the operators. Would they like to be treated or looked at like that?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

-BetSolo Sportsbook

A BetSolo Sportsbook player has filed a complaint.

The player has claimed that he has a €625 pending withdrawal requested over a week ago.

He claims to have been told that the sportsbook is behind on the payout due to having "many documents to verify" along with cryptic warnings that bonus abusers will not be paid. SBR has asked to see a copy of the correspondence.

The player believes the sportsbook is making excuses and stalling his payout.

This is the second complaint this week against BetSolo Sportsbook.

Sportsbook Review reported that a BetSolo player had his winnings confiscated recently. The player was given no information on why his balance was taken. BetSolo provided a report to Sportsbook Review suggesting that the player's deposit and playing patterns matched others in a close geographic vicinity, but did not have any common IP address or payment information suggesting the player engaged in multiple accounting.

The case is still being discussed. Without there being a clear link between the player and alleged rule violators, the sportsbook would not have cause to decide not to pay bets that it accepted. BetSolo has pointed out that they are licensed by the KGC. In the event that there is an update on this case, SBR will update the newswire.

BetSolo bettors in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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