Update on BetDSI Sportsbook Website Migration & Issues

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Update 7/12, 11:15AM: SBR Forum readers have reported ongoing issues regarding account balances and log-in problems

BetDSI Sportsbook moved to a new facility Monday.

The website is currently online though SBR Forum users have reported a number of different bugs and kinks related to the move. BetDSI technical staff are working on restoring optimal performance to the website. In the meantime, players who haven't yet shared feedback are encouraged to write in to help@sportsbookreview.com.

List of Issues Reported by SBR Forum Members

iOS Functionality Problems: "I got in for a little bit last night, they said having trouble with apple products in which I happen to use. This morning no dice getting in. Headed to work hopefully better later."

Balance issues: " Went to sleep with a couple thousand in account, woke up and my balance is like -900 (negative)."

The need to log-in with a temporary phone PIN or reset PW: "Use your pin in replace for the password if the password doesn't work for the time being"

Being redirected to another brand: "When I log in was taking me to a bet lucky sign up page now just says disabled site." 

Missing casheir & VIP data: "Looks like my credit card info, name and everything is wiped out. even my VIP status gone."

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