Unibet wagering dispute

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A Unibet (SBR rating B-) player claims that three soccer wagers were canceled 24 hours after the event. The player wagered a Gold Cup soccer match between Cuba and Mexico.

The player tells SBR that he placed three wagers on Cuba under 0.5 goals for $1000 each. The player alleges that two bets were priced at 2.1 whilst the remaining wager was 2.05. He points out that Sportingbet offered odds of 2.0 at the time, suggesting that the odds were in fact in-market. 

SBR is following up on this Unibet sportsbook complaint. | Unibet account complaints

On February 27th, 2011, Unibet disabled a bettor's account with a balance of €20,000. SBR reported that the players account was closed with no update from the sportsbook on the status of his funds.

Unibet refused to cooperate with Sportsbook Review and declined to provide a statement regarding the seizure.

On February 22nd, a Unibet player wrote to SBR that €2,500 was taken from him by the sportsbook whilst wagers sat pending in his account. The sportsbook refused to disclose to the player or SBR what the exact violation was. 

Unibet's rating has been adjusted to B-. SBR is attempting to discuss these outstanding cases with Unibet. Players that have not done so are asked to file a sportsbook complaint form.

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