Unibet Sportsbook complaint on KYC process

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A Unibet Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has filed a complaint with SBR.

The player's account is presently blocked with a £200 total balance. He has explained the chain of events that led to the blocking, and has asked Sportsbook Review for assistance.

The player's complaint reads as follows:

Unibet player: "Unibet repeatedly stated that my bank had declined my deposits. After speaking to my bank I proved this wasn't the case. They then said that they had payment gateway issues and that they'd email me once resolved.After a week, I contacted them again and they said that the error message was incorrect and it was actually due to my ID. I was confused as I'd sent in ID and both side of my bank card a few days previously.After some time, it emerged that they refused to accept my ID because I blanked out the signature. I explained that UK regulations don't require signature and that I am not comfortable opening myself up to ID theft.They responded by blocking my account which had over £200 inside.Help!"

Unibet's request is not unusual. Players who digitally alter ID or otherwise block parts out are not going to be able to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) process in most cases. However, one legitimate gripe the player has is that his account is blocked with his funds still inside.

Unibet players have historically complained of lackluster customer service.

Unibet's news history page on SBR is full of similar issues; in some cases, Unibet has declined to speak with SBR.

Sportsbook Review is following up on this latest complaint.

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