UFC Fight Night 40 Betting: Choosing the best sportsbook

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UFC Fight Night 40 takes place Saturday May 10 at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Betting odds for all 13 matches have already been published in the UFC Fight Night 40 betting directory at SBR. This article explains how to optimally use the page as a tool and ensure you lock in the best available price for your UFC wagers.

How to use line shopping for your benefit

Before jumping in with both feet and wagering UFC Fight Night 40 - Ask yourself this question. Am I a line shopper? This isn't an inquiry on if you check out the chocolates while waiting for a cashier to ring you up. This is an inquiry on how to make sure you save the most money come wagering time. This article will take you through examples to demonstrate the importance of line shopping and of securing the best UFC Fight Night 40 odds.

Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva: To win straight up market

Right now Erick Silva is an average -230 favorite to defeat Matt Brown in their UFC Fight Night 40 headliner. This means that it takes $230 to win $100 on a win over Matt Brown. However, the SBR directory shows you that BetOnline Sportsbook currently has the best price on Erick Silva at -214. If you made this wager 100 times, you would have to risk $1,600 less to win the same amount.

Costas Philippou vs. Lorenz Larkin: To win straight up market

Costas Philippou is an average +187 underdog against Lorenz Larkin in their UFC Fight Night 40 fixture. While a $100 wager returns $187 in profit, a survey through the SBR directory reveals that the best price is on offer from Pinnacle Sportsbook at +196. A $100 wager at Pinnacle pays an extra $9 than the average market price, and $16 more than the worst current price. Making this wager 25 times during a UFC season would bring in $400 more per $100 risked at Pinnacle.

Erik Koch vs. Daron Cruickshank: To win straight up market

In a match featuring a sizable underdog, Daron Cruickshank is an average +265. A $100 wager brings in $265 of profit.  But wait, with an underdog of this size, you really need to make sure not to accept an inferior offer. For example, 5Dimes Sportsbook is offering +290 on Cruickshank - a whopping $35 more than the average market price! Depending on the size of your bankroll, this can bring you hundreds or even thousands. And if you're a gambler like Floyd Mayweather, perhaps millions.

Proposition betting

While UFC Fight Night 140 propositions are scheduled for release in the Sportsbook Review directory, these betting markets similarly call for price shopping. When comparing the price of a television or a new sofa, you factor in the financial obligation before making a decision. Sportsbook gambling is no different. If you like Matt Brown to win by way of KO, extract the most value by following the clear and easy to follow grids and comparison tables offered by SBR.

Make sure to bookmark the UFC Fight Night 40 Betting directory.

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