UFC 188 Prop Betting Markets in Review

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UFC 188 Betting List

The UFC 188 main event is a little under 7 hours away.

Sportsbook Review has posted a comprehensive UFC 188 Prop Bet list which shows the entire main card and the corresponding sportsbook prop wagering market for fights tonight inside of the Octagon.

This article summarizes the best available price for the most popular ways of betting tonight's main event from Mexico City.

Will the fight end in a draw?
Right now online sportsbooks are daring players to bet the yes on this market, as they've set the market at +13,500. That means a $500 wager would return a cool $67,500 in profit, giving players who might have smaller bankrolls a chance to make a giant score. On the flip side, players with huge bankrolls can try to make a relatively safe $100 in profit by risking $40,500.

Total Rounds: 2.5
Sports betting sites have made the odds slightly favor the bout exceeding 2.5 rounds as players are charged 30 cents of vig (-130) for wagering the over, and a $100 wager returns $115 on the under.

Fight goes Full Distance
The best line is +210 that the main event goes the distance. The reverse bet that it does not go the distance is the favorite at -230.

Velasquez Inside the Distance
Cain Velasquez is an industry best -155 favorite to win by stoppage according to UFC sportsbooks.

Werdum Inside the Distance
Fabricio Werdum is not expected to win inside the distance, as sports betting sites have him as a +540 underdog to do so.

Fight to end within the 1st min of opening round
Sportsbooks are saying that if the fight ends on account of either fighter prevailing in the opening round that you will win 14 times your investment. Those who say no way have got to pony up $10,000 to win $100.

Fight won by Decision?
There is an industry best 2 to 1 payout for the fight to be won by decision by either Velasquez or Werdum. The reverse side is -230.

Velasquez by Decision
Cain Velasquez best priced at +300 to win by decision and -377 not to.

Werdum by Decision
Fabricio Werdum is +1200 to win the fight by decision. The flip side requires a sports bettor to risk $2,062 to win $100.

Velasquez wins by Submission
The best sports betting line has Cain Velasquez as a 14.25 to 1 underdog to win by submitting his opponent.

Werdum by Submission
Fabricio Werdum is an industry best 10 to 1 underdog to win by submission.

Velasquez by KO, TKO, DQ
Cain is a slight favorite at -130 to win by one of these methods of stoppage.

Werdum by KO, TKO, DQ
Fabricio is an 11 to 1 long shot to win the bout by one of these stoppages.

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