UFC 187 Prop Betting Guide: Cormier vs. Johnson wagers

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Sportsbook Review has released a UFC 187 Prop Bet directory.

Taking place this Saturday in Las Vegas, the headline of the card is Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson.

Sports bettors who originally wagered on Jon Jones in the main event had their tickets voided when Jones ran afoul of the law and was suspended by UFC.

This article takes a look at how to use the UFC 187 betting guide as a resource.

Most Popular UFC 187 Prop Bet
Over/Under Rounds: 2.5

Six sportsbooks betting odds are compared on this market, which is graded by the total number of rounds the main event goes. If the bout goes three rounds, the over is a winner, and if the fight is stopped in round two or prior, bets on the under are graded as a winner. Online sportsbook 5Dimes offers an 8% higher return of investment (ROI) with their payout of +130 on the under, while bookmaker BetDSI has the cheapest price on the over at -140. The best prices on each side are highlighted in the prop bet directory, saving bettors time and energy.

Cormier to win inside the distance
The line: Yes +180, No -240

As of this publication, online sportsbook 5Dimes is paying out 1.8x your bet on a Cormier win by stoppage. SBR expects that in the next 36 hours all bookmakers will be spreading prop bet lines on this outcome, which will give the opportunity of line shopping and possible +EV (expected value) for players hunting for the best odds. A bet on Cormier not to win inside the distance is priced as the favorite line at -240, meaning a $240 stake returns $100, as the outcome has a 70% chance of occurring. Sports bettors who believe Cormier stops Johnson more than 36% of the time inside the distance likely find value in the odds of +180; the extra 6% accounting for bookmaker hold.

Johnson to win inside the distance:
The line: Yes +204, No -264

The sports betting odds have an early Johnsin win priced at +204 - so for every $100 wagered, $204 in profit is added to your bankroll. Johson not winning inside the distance is about 3% more likely than Cormier taking him the distance, as this outcome is priced at -264, so a $264 bet returns $100.

Decision Prop Bet: Anthony Johnson by 5 round decision
The line: Johnson by 5 round decision +470, other -725

Anthony Johnson is roundly favored not to win by a 5 round decision, with the betting odds surpassing -700 ($725 to win $100) that any other outcome will occur. Sportsbooks are paying out nearly five times your bet if you are playing devil's advocate and gambling that the UFC odds will be in your favor.

Decision Prop Bet: Daniel Cormier by 5 round decision
The line: Cormier by 5 round decision +180, other -240

The sportsbook betting odds reflect Cormier having a higher probability of winning by 5 round decision, as the best odds available as of now return 1.8x your investment on Cormier by a distance decision, while any other outcome is offered at -240.

Cormier vs. Johnson Ruled a Draw
The line: Yes, draw +12500, no draw -37500.

A $100 wager on Cormier vs. Johnson being ruled a draw returns a whopping 125 times your wager. At the same time, it takes a ridiculous $37,500 to make what the sportsbooks are billing as an "easy" $100 lunch money win on the Las Vegas judges not seeing the tilt even.

Which round will either fighter win in?

Sportsbooks are banking on players feeling as if they've got a UFC 187 crystal ball, as Cormier and Johnson to win in a specific round are offering some jaw-dropping payoffs. For instance, if you wager Johnson defeating Cormier in round 4 and bet $100 on it, you will be paid fourteen times your bet. A wager on Cormier to defeat Johnson in the opening round is more conservatively priced at +575 ($100 pays $575).

Sportsbook Review's UFC 187 Prop Bet guide will be updated throughout the event day Saturday.

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