UFC 172 Jones vs. Teixeira sportsbook comparison

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The UFC 172 Pay-Per-View card is just hours away. If you're planning on ponying up the $50+ PPV fee and betting on the event, give yourself a running chance to make that money back by checking out Sportsbook Review's Jones vs. Teixeira sportsbook comparison page. The comprehensive page is constantly being updated with all of the latest UFC 172 betting props.

It is essential that any UFC gambler looking to bet UFC 172 swing by the Sportsbook Review directory.

Fight props

If you've handicapped that Jon Jones wins by first round stoppage, there's odds on it. If you believe Jon Jones climbs out of the Octagon Saturday Night April 26, there's likely odds on that, too. Do yourself a favor and stop by the UFC 172 Prop Betting page at SBR. Every way of wagering UFC 172 is broken down showing you where the current best value is. The page is ordered by the best available offering, not by SBR ratings.

Outright winner

If you want to see a dynamically updating market price on all of the undercard and main card bouts then look no further than the UFC 172 betting page assembled at Sportsbook Review.com. Save yourself time from having to navigate each sportsbook by bookmarking the page at SBR. Similar to watching the real-time value of a stock a la Scottrade, you can simply check the real-time price offered by Sportsbook Review in an easy to follow grid format which again is 100% dynamic.

Decision props

Will UFC 172 end by decision? Majority? Split? Unanimous? Sorta decided? Online sportsbooks have set odds on these market. For example, 5Dimes Sportsbook is currently offering the best price on Jon Jones to win by decision - something you would not know unless you manually went to each and every one of the sportsbooks listed and checked, wasting valuable time and time that could be better spent handicapping and finding other valuable opportunities to win cash and boost your bankroll.

Total Rounds

If you think this one goes the distance: Get the best price on it. Head over to the UFC 172 props betting page by Sportsbook Review and have a look around. Make sure you lock in the best available market price and get the most bang for your buck.

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