Two Players Report Having Payouts Cancelled

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Two players have filed complaints this morning against (SBR rating D-).

Both players told a similar story of waiting for over five weeks for a payout via cheque before the online sportsbook suddenly and without warning cancelled their payout requests and placed the funds back in their account.

It is unknown if a specific processing issue caused the cancellations or if the players must go back to square one and request a new payout. SBR has asked if is able to expedite replacement payouts in light of the fact that the users had already waited for over half of the already lengthy eight week time-frame to be paid via cheque.

SBR also suggested that the players consider using bitcoin instead at to hopefully have a better experience. One of the players is unwilling to use bitcoin, and the other is perfectly fine with taking his payout through bitcoin.

One year ago, when SBR reported on over $200,000 in slow-pay complaints submitted by players, the time-frame for cheque withdrawals was 3-5 weeks. The time-frame has now increased to 6-8 weeks. Additionally is no longer allowing players to create accounts, which could be a good sign for existing players from the aspect that the book won't overcommit to handling more payouts than they already have to worry about. players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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