Two new Heroes slowpay complaints received

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Additional Heroes Sports (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaints have been received. As of July 1st Heroes owed 11 players over $60,000. These players have been paid but four new reports have surfaced totaling $19,942 in player funds owed.  When Heroes management was asked about these players and payments in general, Heroes replied that players are "in line to be paid". Heroes also lost Moneybookers as a funding/payout method for its bettors; Moneybookers dropping Heroes as a merchant account would indicate widespread complaints from its users. SBR advises all Heroes players to discontinue wagering with this outfit until delinquent accounts have been settled.






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i just saw the new message on the sbr homepage. i also have had a $2326 moneybookers withdrawal pending from my heroes account since the 18th of May which they keep saying they will send every time i ask about it but they still havent sent it. please add it to your list of payouts that we're waiting on getting. i dont really know what i should be doing in order to get my money. i have been sending them regular emails but hopefully you can do something to help.





have a current balance of $17834.50 in my account ****** and would like to withdraw it all, preferably to Moneybookers but I would definitely be happy to see the money via another method if they offered it. I have had a pending withdrawal request for $2500 to my moneybookers account since the 20th of June but I contacted Heroes recently to ask them if I could get a bank wire for my whole balance instead, since I thought it would take too long if I had to wait for $2500 each time and go to the end of the queue after receiving each one. They wrote back saying they would see what they could do and get back to me, but I haven't heard back from them in the last 3 days, when I sent it.

If you could do anything at all to help me get my money back I would really appreciate it. I thought I better let you know of the amount that I have there that I am waiting on too so you can add it to your list.



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