Two GoToCasino payment complaints filed

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Two players have filed GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) slowpay complaints. Player one requested $650 on March 1st and had his transaction canceled. GoToCasino informed the player that they were unable to process his payout at that time. Player two has a balance of $2017.55; the player states that after one year of calling GoToCasino numerous times a partial payment of $300 was sent via MoneyGram. The player requested for his account to be closed last week. These are not the first instances of GoToCasino stalling winners; SBR has assisted with GoTocasino player complaints since June of 2005.

Player comments:

Pablo at has given me 1 excuse after another. In the last year about 50 phone calls and much begging 1 $300 moneygram is all they would send me. Last week I asked for my account to be closed and my balance of $2017.55 be sent to me. Can you helpo me collect?

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