Trump vs. Clinton Debate: Bookmakers Release 47 Prop Bets

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Bookmakers have released 47 proposition bets on tonight's first Presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The debate begins at 9PM ET.

A large variety of prop bets are on offer including whether or not each candidate will utter specific phrases during the course of tonight's debate.

The prop bets are listed in the election betting directory at Sportsbook Review. The first prop bets were released by betting sites Bovada and 5Dimes last week and have been added to since that time.

A sample of the type of prop bets open for wagering are listed below for each candidate.

Donald Trump Debate Prop Bets
Donald Trump referring to Monica Lewinsky pays +340, meaning a $100 wager returns $340 in profit. On the flip side, Trump NOT referring to Lewinsky is a -510 favorite.

Trump uttering the complete phrase "Crooked Hillary" meanwhile is +155. The distinction is important, as Trump only saying the word crooked while in reference to Hillary and not specifically "Crooked Hillary" would not be graded as a winning bet. "Rotten Clinton" offers +600 or 6 to 1 odds.

Trump saying "build a wall" is a -230 favorite and +170 on the flip side. If the outspoken GOP nominee says "shut up", a $100 wager would pay $365.

Hillary Clinton Debate Prop Bets
Hillary Clinton referencing Melania Trump in any capacity is offered at +300 odds.

Clinton uttering the word bigot in any context is a -265 favorite and +185 on the reverse side.

Clinton saying the catch phrase "Love Trumps Date" is offered at +330 odds and -490 on the no side.

Common Debate Prop Bets
Either candidate referring to gambling in any context is listed at -110 odds.

"Obamacare" is listed at -600 chalk to be mentioned by either candidate.

"Supreme Court" is a large -585 favorite to be mentioned by either candidate.

Facebook and Instagram are listed at +220 and +410 respectively to be mentioned by either Trump or Clinton.

For a full list of prop bets, plus odds on who will be the next US President, visit the election prop bets page at Sportsbook Review.

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