Trump Inauguration Prop Bets: Which Markets Will Cash?

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The Presidential Inauguration takes place Friday, January 20.

Online sportsbooks have capitalized on one of the more controversial inauguration days in recent memory by spreading a bevy of proposition wagers on Donald Trump's speech after being sworn in as Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

Sportsbook Review has compiled and compared the Trump inauguration prop bets being offered at top online sportsbooks.

Will Trump refer to "fake news" as he did when raking CNN over the coals in a recent interview? A $100 wager pays $350. Will he mention the FBI at all? $100 pays $150. Will he refer to fallen adversary Hillary Clinton as being crooked? A $100 wager pays $1,400 on that.

Dozens upon dozens of prop bets are available for wagering — it's official, online sportsbooks are doing the inauguration bigly.

More Donald Trump prop bets:

Trump Inauguration – USA TV Viewers
Under 20 Million – 6/1
20-24.99 Million – 5/1
25-29.99 Million – 4/1
30-34.99 Million – 21/10
35-39.99 Million – 7/2
40 Million or Higher – 4/1

For perspective, Obama’s first swearing in ceremony hauled in 37 million viewers, second only to Ronald Reagan’s Inauguration Day broadcast. In Obama’s second Inauguration ceremony the thrill was apparently gone as the viewership had plunged to 20 million.

Color of Trump’s Tie
Red – 4/11
Blue – 9/2
Silver – 5/1
Gold – 6/1
Purple – 12/1
Black – 14/1
Green – 16/1
White – 16/1
Pink – 25/1

The odds-on-favorite is Trump’s standard red power tie and it would make perfect sense for him to wear it all the way to the White House. Perhaps the only other colors that stand a chance are gold, which would be his way of signaling in a Golden Era under his administration, or purple which would give a nod to LGBT groups who have collectively denounced his candidacy since the onset.

Make America Great Again: First Time Said
0-4:59 minutes – 4/1
5:00 – 9:59 minutes – 4/1
10:00 – 14:59 minutes – 10/3
15 minutes or later – 5/4
Does not say the phrase in speech – 3/1

Trump to Use Exact Phrase
Build A Wall:  No (-280/+220)

Some might think a healthy return of +220 on Yes would be a natural since Trump originally made headlines when proposing the measure. But once it was clear he had won the election, the President-Elect has not been as vociferous about the project.

Sportsbook Review's Odds Couple, Peter Loshak and Mike Brenner, cover the inauguration betting markets in the below video.

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