Triobet Sportsbook Complaint Launched Over Account Screening

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A Triobet Sportsbook player has filed a complaint.

The player has claimed to have had difficulty requesting payment from the online sports betting website. He has reportedly provided Triobet with everything they've asked for to verify his account - passport, utility bill, and finally a photograph holding the documents.

Unfortunately, he has reported that he has yet to be paid.

More and more sportsbooks are starting to request players undergo enhanced screening - though nothing quite like TSA screenings - as they must comply with gambling regulators to comply with KYC requirements.

In addition, sportsbooks must do what they can to curb fraud so that their product does not suffer. If players could freely deposit and withdrawal without security checks, legitimate players might have processing fees raised as every fraudulent transaction ends up costing a sportsbook dearly.

As for this Triobet complaint, it has yet to be determined what the sportsbook believes the player has done wrong or if his documents are not in order; Sportsbook Review is following up on the matter.

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