Trending SBR Forum Topics: Big Game Stats, Trump's 1st Week

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The week before the Super Bowl is typically a time when SBR Forum posters carefully consider which side or prop bet has value.

The rapid fire discussions are unfolding in real-time in the NFL betting forum as users chew on the betting odds, and contemplate the significance of sportsbooks staying stuck on 3 across the board in favor of New England.

Below is a digest of the trending discussions taking place across the board, including the handicapping gems and nuggets related to the online sportsbook industry, politics, and more.

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NFL Betting Forum
Anyone with a high IQ will take the Pats in the Super Bowl
by Bostongambler
Replies: 393
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Without Brady, Belichick is 51-65
by Goat Milk
Replies: 29
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Reverse Line Movements, % of Bets on NFL Teams
by cincy
Replies: 26
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Players Talk
President Donald J Trump's 1st week in Office
by Sam Odom
Replies: 372
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[LeBron]  James Crying .... "We Need More Players"
by jjgold
Replies: 83
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Any gamers here at SBR?
by unde0087
Replies: 120
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Newbie Forum
Cashing Out
by Prior
Replies: 7
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