TradeBetx (SBR rating B) incomplete rules lead to player losses

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The player bet that a boxer, J. Taylor "will not win the fight". The wording of the wager suggests that the bettor will win the wager if the opposing fighter wins or if there is a draw. The bettor confirmed prior to the match by email, that a draw would indeed result in a winning ticket. TradebetX has voided the winning bet that would have delivered over $2,000.


Exchange Manager: "Again I apologise that you were originally misinformed about our boxing rules on Friday. The rules that you quoted were incomplete and so in a case like this the Exchange determines what is the fairest solution to all our members and in this case, voiding the bets was the most appropriate course of action. I do appreciate that you were misinformed originally and so as a gesture of goodwill I have added a credit of $50 to your account."

Sister trading site, TradeSports (SBR rating B), has also been the subject of recent wagering disputes. SBR will speak with management further and reevaluate the Trade Exchange Network.

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