TowerGaming agrees to credit players' winnings in confiscation disputes

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On January 20th, SBR reported that TowerGaming confiscated €381 in winnings from two players. TowerGaming voided the winnings and refunded the players' deposits by stating that its welcome bonus was intended only to be used by recreational bettors.  Since publishing that report, an additional three complaints were filed by players that also had their winnings confiscated. A total of €3,395 was zeroed from five players by TowerGaming.


Customer service at TowerGaming originally was not cooperative with SBR. However, a manager recognized the situation and reached out to SBR explaining that the sportsbook concluded bonus fraud took place among the players that filed complaints. TowerGaming pointed to a number of details that led it to believe bonus abusers were collaborating to defraud the sportsbook, but ultimately lacked the type of evidence necessary to warrant voiding winnings. After considering SBR's viewpoint, TowerGaming reversed its decision and agreed to credit all winnings docked from players. SBR has reached out to the five players and asked them to confirm.

Summary of TowerGaming player confiscations

A TowerGaming player deposited €25 on February 1st, increased his balance to €138.95 and ordered a payment to Moneybookers. The player had accepted TowerGaming's welcome bonus, which matched 100% up to €25. After requesting payment, the player received an email from TowerGaming indicating that the welcome bonus was intended to be used by recreational gamblers. TowerGaming affirmed that it reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion as its discretion. In other words, TowerGaming was justifying not honoring its signup bonus. After being credited his deposit via Moneybookers, the player filed a sportsbook complaint through SBR.

A TowerGaming player deposited €25 on January 16th, increased his balance to €134, then requested a withdrawal. Just as with the above example, the player was told that his deposit would be refunded and all winnings voided; TowerGaming pasted the same provision which allowed it to cancel a promotion and a bettors' winnings at its discretion. The player filed his sportsbook complaint through SBR three days later.

A TowerGaming player deposited €25 on January 17th, wagered his balance up to €272, then requested payment via MB. The player completely fulfilled wagering requirements on the welcome bonus. To his surprise, TowerGaming informed him that he was only able to withdraw his original deposit. The TowerGaming representative disconnected his chat when he protested and was unwilling to discuss further. The player wrote to SBR with his complaint on January 19th.

A TowerGaming player deposited €25 on January 13th, wagered until his balance reached €707.68, then ordered payment through Moneybookers. The player was asked for documents (ID and utility bill) to verify his account. The player obliged and provided the requested documents. After receiving the documents, TowerGaming debited the player's balance by €682.68, leaving the original €25 deposit. The player was told that due to not being a recreational gambler, he was eligible only for his deposit. The player filed his complaint with SBR on January 16th.

A TowerGaming player deposited €25 on January 24th,  wagered until his balance reached €2,294.16, then made a withdrawal via Moneybookers. The player noted that he was refunded €25 through Moneybookers but that TowerGaming failed to specify why his winnings were voided. The player filed a sportsbook complaint on January 24th.

TowerGaming players that have not been credited winnings back after having deposited refunded are asked to write to SBR. Players can also email SBR directly at, or make a public post in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry section.


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