Tour de France Winner Odds: Sportsbook Directory

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There has been some slight shifts in early Tour de France futures betting odds to start the new year. Sportsbook Review has compiled a list of the futures betting odds available by top betting sites in the Tour de France betting directory.

Chris Froome is presently the shortest priced cyclist at the odds of +110. This price is available at betting websites Heritage Sports and Bovada, ranked A+ and A respectively according to the sportsbook rating guide.

In the event that a cyclist is not listed by one of the displayed sportsbooks, the "field" option pays out. For instance, the present field odds are +350, meaning a $100 wager pays $350, at the featured sportsbooks.

Many market fluctuations are expected from now until Tour de France, which commences 2 July 2016 and runs through 24 July 2016.

Benefit of wagering Tour de France early
Online bettors often prefer wagering so far in advance if they have a reasonable expectation that the betting odds will shift in their favor; it is no different than wagering on the team you believe will win the year's Super Bowl before the NFL regular season begins.

Bettors should bookmark the Tour de France prop bets chart and check back often to see how the market moves.

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