Topbet Sportsbook Rating Increased After Issues Corrected

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Topbet Sportsbook has received a rating upgrade to C.

The online sports betting website had previously been lowered to C- due to a backlog of payouts that were said to be caused by a third party processor.

Management expressed fear to SBR as noted on April 28 that they would have paid players twice by correcting the payouts manually while waiting for time-lines to be fulfilled by the processor.

Three players have confirmed receiving payment from Topbet since filing complaints with SBR more than two months ago.

SBR indicated at the time that once Topbet corrected all payouts and players confirmed receiving their funds that the rating change would be reversed; management also claimed that only one payout method was affected and a limited batch of players had their withdrawals stalled.

Topbet Sportsbook players with feedback or issues should submit a sportsbook feedback form.

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