Topbet Sportsbook Players Advised of Processing Issues

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Five Topbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) players have written SBR to complain of delayed payout times.

Each of the players are waiting for payouts to be loaded through a debit card option.

Sportsbook Review has spoken with Topbet concerning the delays, but the sports betting site has only been able to confirm that there are processor issues and the payouts cannot be cancelled for a quicker alternative method.

Player #1: He has been waiting for $2,500 since March 16. The player has called Topbet multiple times inquiring on when he would receive his funds. He claimed that he was advised via telephone by the representative assigned to deal with his inquiries that there were at least 20 other players in a similar boat, and possibly up to 60.

SBR followed up with Topbet, who claimed that the number was completely arbitrary and there was no basis to what the player was allegedly told. Management claimed that the players could not choose to cancel the payouts for a quicker alternative because the payouts are too far along with the processor to be voided; in other words, the belief is that players would be paid twice. But right now, players say they are not being paid at all.

Player #2: He has waited for $700 for one month. Topbet claimed that he originally requested payment via cheque before switching to the debit card option, causing the delay.

Player #3: He has reported being up $7,000 and has waited for over 30 days: "Is 30 days way too long?? They said paper checks no problem but this is debit card payment like the 1st three times where I had no problem."

Player #4: He has waited 41 days to receive his funds. The player connected to the SBR Live Help application and stated he would be filing an official complaint.

Player #5: The player filed a payout complaint with SBR stating that he has waited for a payout since March 16.

Topbet claimed they were pressing the head of operations for more details on when the players might expect to receive payment, but the update has yet to come.

If you are a player reading who has a payout complaint against Topbet, please submit a sportsbook complaint.

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