Topbet Sportsbook Player Confirms Receiving Payout

The Topbet Sportsbook player who reported being owed $2,340 for one month has reported receiving his payout today.

Sportsbook Review followed up with Topbet staff for an ETA on when bitcoin should be part of their cashier. Topbet has said that the bitcoin testing is nearing completion and the digital currency is expected to be in place before the start of the NFL preseason, which is less than two weeks away.

A second player who has been waiting for $1,500 since June 6 has reportedly been provided with tracking information and is expected to be paid shortly.

In the event that the betting site is able to clear up its outstanding payout complaints and restore their payment time-frame, Topbet will receive its rating of C back. The betting site was temporarily downgraded while a handful of payout complaints were submitted in a relatively small amount of time.




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