Topbet Sportsbook Addresses Payout Delays

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Sportsbook Review recently reported on six slow-pay complaints filed by Topbet Sportsbook players.

The first complaint was posted on April 18 when players were advised of processing issues.

Topbet Sportsbook has since told SBR that payouts through alternate methods have been arranged for players with delayed withdrawal requests.

Sportsbook Review downgraded Topbet from C to C- on April 22 after the sixth complaint was filed.

Topbet stated to SBR that a single third party processor was responsible for all of the six reported and 91 total payout delays, and that the reason for the delay was the sportsbook being led to believe the funds were sent. 

The betting site asked for the following statement to be shared on the matter:

Topbet Sportsbook: "Because the payments take anywhere from 3-8 business days for customers to receive the money, we had no indication that there was a problem with the batches sent on March 12,16 or the 19th until 10 business days after the send date. We contacted the processor after we started getting questions from players about their funds not being received on March 22. We were informed that there was a slight delay with the bank as additional KYC was needed to process the payouts. We took that story in good faith and sent one additional batch on the 23rd. All other player payouts that were sent through other channels or processors received their funds with no issues. After the 23rd of March we constantly were in touch with players that had not received their funds yet but at this point the processor ceased to respond to our emails, phone calls, Skype messages and all other forms of communication. We were unable to determine what the cause of the delay in the payouts was because we could not get a response. If the funds had reached the final stage in the process, we may not have been able to cancel the batches and send the funds to players through other means. We needed to determine this before we could take that action. It was over 3 weeks before we were able to get definitive word from the processor of what stage the funds were stuck. Once we were able to do that we immediately started to contact players to arrange for payouts through other means", the opening paragraph of the statement read.

The statement concluded with the following:

"In total there were 91 payouts that had issues. Over 60 as of this writing have been contacted and the payout sent via another processor or method. Some players have already received the funds while the others will get their money in 3-8 business days. Top Bet apologizes for the delay with this situation. We take paying our players very seriously and believe in being up front and honest about how we operate. While we thought that this processor was solid, we erred in judgement and we will do better in choosing our partners.”

Topbet believes all six players who contacted SBR about payment delays have received word of the replacement payout being en route. One player has already confirmed that he was told a payout is on the way.

SBR will reverse the downgrade from C to C- after all players have confirmed payment.

Players who have not been in communication with the sportsbook should write to Topbet at and players who wish to provide further feedback on the matter should contact SBR at

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