Topbet Player Receives Payment From February 24

Sportsbook Review originally reported on March 28 that a Topbet player had been owed $400 since February 24.

The player reported that he was offered a 50% cash bonus in exchange for cancelling his payout request.

He denied the offer and requested to be paid his funds. The player has confirmed receiving payment yesterday from the sports betting site.

Meanwhile a new complaint has been filed from a player that says that he has been owed $1,650 for over 45 days. The player, like many others, was told that processing delays have caused the sportsbook to be unable to provide an accurate time-frame on when he will be paid. Some players have reported better payment processing time by requesting bitcoin with Topbet.

Topbet was downgraded to D on on February 25. Topbet players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.




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