Topbet player owed $1,100 since February 26

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A Topbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has filed a complaint concerning an $1,100 outstanding withdrawal.

The funds were deducted from the bettor's account on February 26.

SBR spoke with Topbet management on March 17 and learned that the player's payout was processed normally on their end and that the player received a phone call confirming as such.

However, to date the player has yet to receive the payment, which is through a banking option.

SBR followed up with Topbet after the player wrote again last night that he has still yet to receive payment from the sports betting site. The issue remains unresolved.

Topbet was temporarily downgraded from C to C- last April after a batch of slow-pay complaints were submitted by players, and later received an upgrade back to C after management claimed that a third-party processor was to blame and no new complaints were filed by users.

Topbet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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