Topbet Offers Bonus for Cancelling Payout, says Player

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A Topbet Sportsbook player has claimed that he has been attempting to withdraw over $10,000 for the last month across multiple payout requests.

The player reported that on two separate occasions after requesting payment through bitcoin he was offered cash bonuses in exchange for cancelling his withdrawals. He denied the request and has asked to be paid his funds.

It is not an uncommon request but is typically seen more with lower rated sportsbooks and is the type of request that may unnerve players into thinking the book is having cash flow problems.

Topbet is rated D+ in the online sportsbooks rating guide. The sports betting site had several slow-pay complaints reported by users through non-bitcoin methods during football season. Management told SBR that players who are not keen to wait for longer than the advertised cheque payment windows should request to be switched to bitcoin.

Sportsbook Review has asked Topbet management for comment on this latest payout complaint.

Topbet users in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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