Top Betting Sites Poll: Week Three Opens for Voting

Two full weeks of voting has been completed in the top sportsbooks poll at SBR Forum. The poll runs through the rest of September 2016.

User feedback is essential when shaping online betting site ratings. At the end of the day, betting sites must be able to pay players on time and without incident, regardless of the size of their business.

Sportsbook Review asks users to consider the below categories when casting their votes for the overall best online sportsbooks.

1. Payout Speed
2. Wagering Experience
3. Sportsbook Bonus Structure
4. Mobile Platform
5. Customer Service

Votes for sportsbooks rated #1 will receive 25 points, sportsbooks rated #2 will be assigned 15 points, and sportsbooks rated #3 will receive 10 points.




Posters' Poll Pts Rating
#1 5Dimes 675
#2 Heritage 665
#3 Bookmaker 380
#4 Pinnacle 310
#5 BetOnline 165
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