Top 5 Sportsbooks of 2015: SBR Forum Community

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Two polls were held this year at the SBR Sportsbook Forum this year gauging the top sportsbooks are considered by the community of online sports bettors.

Players considered the quality of each sportsbook from the top on down: customer service, bonuses, efficiency of payouts, in casting votes for their personal favorite sportsbooks.

Members turned in three votes each, for the number one, two, and three sportsbook.

The top five online sportsbooks as voted by players in the combined polls are as follows:

Book SBR Rating Total Pts Pts#1 Pts#2 Pts#3
#1. 5Dimes A+ 540 400 120 20
#2. Heritage A+ 345 125 180 40
#3. Bookmaker A+ 285 100 105 80
#4. Pinnacle A+ 250 175 45 30
#5. Bet365 A+ 135 75 30 30

Each of the online sportsbooks are also displayed on the best sportsbooks list, and have provided the same reliable service before 2015, and are likely to in 2016 and beyond.

In the event that sportsbook standing changes, SBR will adjust the rating of the betting site. The online sportsbook rating guide shows companies listed in order of strength from A+ as best to F as worst.

SBR Forum Members' Poll
675 Pts
665 Pts
380 Pts
310 Pts
165 Pts

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