Top 5 NBA Sportsbooks: Community Poll Results

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Sportsbook Review thanks the sports bettors from the SBR Forum for participating in the best NBA sportsbook poll.

Votes were conducted throughout the month of November 2015.

Unlike the traditional top online sportsbooks poll, this poll was specific to the sports betting sites considered the absolute best for betting NBA basketball.

For example, online sportsbooks that offer the greater variety of NBA prop wagers might outscore a betting site that excels with customer service and is generally more vanilla with NBA lines.

The results showing the top five NBA sportsbooks as voted by the SBR Forum posting community are embedded below.

Book Total Pts Pts#1 Pts#2 Pts#3
#1. 5Dimes 540 400 120 20
#2. Heritage 345 125 180 40
#3. Bookmaker 285 100 105 80
#4. Pinnacle 250 175 45 30
#5. Bet365 135 75 30 30

Remarkably, the five sportsbooks are the same from the previous general best sportsbook poll, with the exception of Bookmaker improving one spot to #3 (#4) in the previous poll.

Each of the five online sportsbooks voted best by the SBR community are also listed on the best sportsbooks guide. There are no outstanding payout complaints on file against any of the five online sportsbooks.

Players who have any feedback that they would like to share with SBR are encouraged to write to

Poster's Poll
675 Pts
665 Pts
380 Pts
310 Pts
165 Pts

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