TonyBet Sportsbook discusses outstanding disputes

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Online sportsbook TonyBet (SBR rating D-) has addressed a batch of disputes reported as outstanding by players.

Sportsbook Review has previously reported on a range of issues raised by players from verification disputes, bonus complaints, customer service issues, or general payout complaints.

A summary of each issue, as well as the update from TonyBet Sportsbook is attached below.

The Estonia based sportsbook has agreed to maintain an open line of communication on complaints moving forward.

SBR asks TonyBet players who are in need of assistance to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Summary of TonyBet Complaints

Complaint One
Details: Player claimed that he won £3,600 and has tried unsuccessfully to make a withdrawal for three weeks. He believes he passed the KYC process.

Update: TonyBet claims the player has been contacted by telephone for three weeks and has not jumped on a call. The sportsbook further claims the player is aware the call is necessary to discuss the account. The sportsbook will pay the £3,600 following the completion of their call.

Complaint Two
Details: TonyBet player reported that €150 requested on October 6 has not been paid

Update: TonyBet had not received the player's residence proof. The player provided the requested documentation last week and has been paid as normal.

Complaint Three
Details: TonyBet player claimed to be owed €750.

Update: TonyBet refunded the player's deposit after reaching an agreement with the player concerning an alleged rule violation that pertained to wagering on an event where inside information was known. The player allegedly wagered on a relative of his in a one vs one sport. SBR agreed not to divulge other details and will consider the matter resolved as long as the player is happy with the outcome.

Complaint Four
Details: A TonyBet player claimed to have attempted the withdrawal of a €2,400 balance since May.

Update: TonyBet had a recorded phone conversation with the player where the player acknowledged that her boyfriend was the one wagering and that she had no knowledge of bets placed.  TonyBet returned the deposit citing that the registered account-holders are the only parties permitted to place wagers.

Complaint Five
Details: A TonyBet player claimed that his limits were cut to $1 with $740 left in rollover to complete in less than 14 days.

Update: TonyBet will allow the player to withdraw his balance if he so chooses, or continue to wager with the revised limit, which was established due to the player chasing steam.

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