TonyBet Player Fails Phone Quiz and Loses Balance

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A TonyBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) complaint has been submitted.

The player asked for a withdrawal in May of 2015 and has yet to be paid. The player received a random phone call this weekend asking a series of questions and asking who different soccer players are.

TonyBet graded the player as failing the phone quiz and refunded only the deposit.

The player received this email from TonyBet:

TonyBet Sportsbook: "Tonybet has made an investigation on the case you refer to. Following the security procedures and "Know Your Customer" rules Tonybet continuously processes the security checks to verify whether the customer uses his gambling account by himself or provides the access to the third persons. After investigating your betting history and the phone conversation, Tonybet has made the decision that you have provided the access to your gambling account to the third person(s). Such actions are prohibited by the rules of Tonybet, thus your gambling account has been deactivated. Your initial deposit will be credited back to your account within 48 hours. Please be informed that this is the final decision."

The player's £2400 balance was confiscated with only £300 returned.

The player acknowledges that a house mate has recommended plays to be made, but has never logged into the same account, and that no bonus terms were breached. The wagers did not circumvent TonyBet's limits.

Sportsbook Review has asked the online sportsbook for comment concerning the dispute.

TonyBet was recently downgraded to D- after confiscating €3,000 winnings from a player who profited from a casino bonus.

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