TitanBet unjustly voiding bets again

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A TitanBet (SBR rating C-) player files a betting dispute. The player claims that TitanBet cancelled bets he made which were in-line with Betfair. The player believes that TitanBet is voiding wagers for no other reason than failure to update the lines with the rest of the market. Sportsbook line managers are tasked with ensuring the book's offerings stay up to date as numbers move.

In this case, it is not new behavior from the TitanBet camp. Last year, SBR covered a dozen instances of TitanBet players reporting that their bets were systematically cancelled. The players believed the lines were in principle good, albeit slow to update, and had their feathers ruffled when TitanBet ruled that the bets would have no action.

After SBR's involvement and advice on why the practice was unfair, if not unethical, TitanBet reinstated cancelled bets and made account adjustments where applicable.

In what appears to be a 180 since last year, TitanBet.com is now refusing to discuss claims with SBR, citing privacy policy. SBR has pointed out that players who file sportsbook complaint forms submit their consent electronically for SBR to discuss their accounts on their behalf.

TitanBet player: "On checking my account following a successful outcome (3-0 result) I found TitanBet had "disqualified" my bet saying the wrong odds had been input. Now this is clearly another case of TitanBet falling asleep at the wheel as other bookmakers odds were not too dissimilar with Betfair trading at over 1.80 when I placed my bet about 2 hours prior to the start."

In addition to this betting dispute, a TitanBet player with a balance of $1,270 reported that his account was suspended. The player had two payouts pending. He had already submitted TitanBet's ID process to complete their KYC requirements. The player has not been told what he has done wrong. 

SBR is attempting to speak with a TitanBet senior manager. TitanBet's rating has been downgraded to C- in the sportsbook ratings guide.

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