TitanBet Sportsbook betting dispute

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A TitanBet (SBR rating C-) player submits a betting dispute. The player wagered £200 in bets on Australia to win a cricket match against Pakistan on Friday, September 7th. The match was delayed in part before an additional over was played to decide the match. During the added time, TitanBet voided the player's wagers.

After realising his bets were void, the player reinvested his cash at another sportsbook that did not remove the live market as TitanBet had. The player claims that one hour after the event was finished, TitanBet resettled the market as a loss and debited his account.

The player claims that TitanBet customer support failed to explain why the bet was originally voided, why the market was removed, and spoke only in generalities regarding live betting. He did concede that he did not expect to be voided in the first place per the TitanBet rules.

SBR is following up on the dispute to attempt to gain insight on why the wager was originally voided.

On August 7th, Sportsbook Review reported that TitanBet.com was again under fire for unjustly voiding bets. TitanBet voided a player's wager for no other reason than its own line manager's failure to update the odds as the market moved. TitanBet accumulated numerous complaints in 2011 for the same practice, though SBR was able to convince TitanBet to reinstate voided wagers.


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