TitanBet Sportsbook betting claim settled

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SBR analyst Natalie Rydström and dispute manager Justin7 give an SBR Industry News update for September 11th, 2012. In today's segment, outstanding disputes are covered, as well as an update on the TitanBet Sportsbook betting claim reported by SBR earlier this week.

On September 10th, SBR reported that a TitanBet player submitted a sportsbook betting dispute. In that dispute, a player wagered £200 on Australia to win a cricket match against Pakistan. The player noted that the match was delayed, his live wagers temporarily voided and then reinstated. The player made additional bets after his bets were voided at another industry sportsbook, causing him to lose twice on the game.

SBR notes that TitanBet.com acted within its rules as it incorrectly voided, then regraded the player's wagers in what was clarified to be two minutes. This Titanbet betting dispute is considered closed.

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