TitanBet reinstates voided wagers for two players

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TitanBet (SBR rating C) has reinstated the winning wagers of two players that had their bets voided. SBR first reported on November 28th that TitanBet was alleged to be voiding bets when the line moves against them. Nine players filed sportsbook disputes through SBR stating the practice affected them. TitanBet released the following statement to a player today:



TitanBet: This bet has been found that the bet was considered as wrongly priced however further investigations revealed that the price was valid, and so was your bet. We have now credited your account with €127.00 as this is the net win amount you were to receive from this bet. We have thoroughly reviewed your account and found only one more disqualified bet on Tennis which was disqualified rightly as one of the players retired. We would like to apologize for the misunderstanding occurred and the inconvenience caused.

Though TitanBet refuses to discuss player specifics with SBR citing privacy policy, SBR is hopeful that the remaining seven players will receive credit for any winnings which were prevented by TitanBet's heavy-handed cancellations. SBR will update this report.

TitanBet players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked



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