TitanBet player who had account closed can't afford a payout

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Update: TitanBet has credited the player with an additional €5 to allow him to satisfy the minimum cashout. The exception was made as the player's account is closed.

A TitanBet Sportsbook (SBR rating B) player has filed a complaint.

The player signed up for TitanBet recently and has claimed that after a single bet his wagering limits were slashed.

Rather than bet for €1 per game, the player decided to request to be paid his balance. He was told that he is unable to make a payout request because his balance is less than €20. His account was then closed.

The player argued that if TitanBet does not want his business and his account closed for betting, he should be able to request payment of his available balance (less than €17).

He says the following: "Maybe 20 euro is not a big amount but in my country I must work 4 days for that." The player says it would cost him another €20 to deposit merely to request to be paid his balance.

Generally speaking, when a betting account is closed the balance will be paid out. As TitanBet can process payments through eWallet, it is a lot different than say cutting a cheque where the cost of postage might be worth more than the value of the cheque.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with TitanBet management.



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