TitanBet not honoring good bets, Heritage to add poker room

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In today's SBR Industry News segment, analysts Natalie Rydstrom and Justin7 discuss sportsbook complaints against TitanBet, BetClic, and Sportingbet. The focal point of the discussion is on how betting sites handle stale betting lines. Also discussed is Heritage Sports (SBR rating A-) upgrades headed into football season, as well as the coming launch of a poker room.


A BetClic.com (SBR rating D+) player has failed a phone quiz. A player wrote SBR saying he turned a €20 parlay into €1,322. Keen on withdrawing his funds, the player provided ID to BetClic via email. After two days, BetClic rang the player and questioned him on the parlay wager he entered. The player claims the question caught him off guard, and he was unable to satisfactorily answer BetClic’s questions before the call was terminated. BetClic is operating under the belief that the player placed the wager on behalf of another user. It is unclear if BetClic has other evidence in support of this. The player’s balance however has been confiscated and his account closed. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

For some good news, Heritage Sports (SBR rating A-) has made several strides in improving its sportsbook product. Heritage players can now open and close parlays over the internet, wager up to 4 and a half points in alternate MLB runlines, and are able to bet via Heritage’s new mobile platform. SBR spoke with Heritage management this week, who shared some of their plans for the fastly approaching football season. Heritage will be rolling out attractive teaser prices, allowing players to buy and sell up to 14.5 points on football sides, as well as launching a poker room in the coming days. Check the SBR newswire for more details.

TitanBet.com (SBR rating C-) is up to its old tricks again. A player wrote SBR indicating that two wagers were cancelled despite being in-line with Betfair at the time. TitanBet cancelled more than a dozen player wagers last year for nothing more than the market moving against them. The player missed out on what would have been £302 in winnings as a result of the TitanBet cancellation. TitanBet is currently refusing comment to SBR on the case, citing privacy policy. In addition to this complaint, a player wrote SBR stating that his account has been frozen with a $2,170 balance. The player is a lifetime loser with TitanBet, having lost more than $4,000. After going on a good run and requesting two payouts, TitanBet froze his account and confiscated the balance. TitanBet is claiming its terms and conditions have been breached, but has failed to offer to the player or SBR what the violation is. TitanBet’s rating has been lowered to C-.


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