TitanBet cancels seventh player's bet

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TitanBet (SBR rating C) has voided another player's wager. The player wagered €118 at the odds of 4.77 at approximately 4AM EST on the football match between Fulham and Liverpool. When SBR checked the odds market of the match, the market had shifted to an average of 3.77. TitanBet has recently developed a reputation for voiding bets where players have the best of it, the oddsmakers at TitanBet are typically slow to adjust markets and will leave an opening number unchanged for hours causing bettors to think its fair game. The act of cancelling wagers whilst referencing bad line policies despite the wager having been in market at one time is described as "falling asleep at the wheel". TitanBet has thus far refused to discuss the growing number of complaints by citing privacy policy.

SBR published a video report on the unethical practice on November 30th.






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