Tips to speed up the KYC process with betting sites

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SBR occasionally receives complaints from online sports bettors unhappy with what's known as the Know Your Customer or KYC procedure.

These complaints range from the amount of time elapsed from beginning the process, a dispute over the readability of the documents, or the nature of the requests themselves (holding your ID and photographing yourself and so on).

This article lists way to expedite this process, so players experience a smooth ride from start to finish from the time of winning a sports bet to what's most important — getting paid.

Use a High Quality Scanner ... or your Smartphone
One of the most common complaints is that players feel that their documents were taken with acceptable quality, but online betting sites disagree. This is also one of the easiest issues to clear up: Nowadays, most online betting sites will simply let you photograph your documents, any semi-current smartphone should do the trick.

Keep current documents saved on a thumb drive
It is a foregone conclusion nowadays that you may be asked to show a copy of your passport or national ID, driver's license, utility bill, recent bank statements, and the list goes on. To cut through the time for red tape, simply keep your docs uploaded in a folder on your PC or a portable thumb (USB) drive so that you can efficiently complete the process with your online betting site.

Have your documents notarized
Most notarizations will be accepted for up to six months by online sportsbooks. While it is an extra step and typically comes with a small fee, this is an extra layer of authentication that certifies the legitimacy of the documents, and may reduce the amount of back and forth time with your online betting site.

To read more about the KYC process and why it is necessary in the first place, check out the KYC player advisory released last year.

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