Tips to protect sportsbook accounts from hackers

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Sportsbook Review receives many thousands of disputes each year from online sports bettors. Slow pays, bonus complaints, outright no-pays, and the list goes on and on.

The below tips are some useful ways to make sure that as a player you are doing everything you can to safe-guard your online sportsbook account.

Assuming you already did your due diligence or made use of the best sportsbooks chart to find a quality betting site that is secure on their end, the below tips are what you can do to make sure your sportsbook bankroll is as secure as can be. Some of the suggestions were published in a similar advisory to start the year.

Never log in at a public access spot
While it might be the furthest thing from your mind when enjoying a cup of egg nog, using free public Wifi at an outdoor establishment could lead to problems. In the absolute worst case scenario, traffic sent through a mobile device can be intercepted allowing an unsavory hacker to steal your information and proceed to hijack your account. With so many online sportsbooks offering poker these days, transferring your funds to a third party account allows for an unfortunately easy and efficient way to dispose of a bankroll.

Securing your home router
Amazingly devices that can be incredibly secure often come with a standard set of passwords that a savvy hacker next door might be able to penetrate. While it may not necessarily happen to you (then again in gambling, doesn't this always?) it is still an easily avoidable situation and therefore players should randomize their router settings.

Using a password that cannot be guessed easily
Once you're certain you've got the above steps licked, it is time to do what you can at the user level to secure your sportsbook account. First, do not make your password your name, pet's name, mom's name, or a combination of your first name and your birthday. That shakes off anyone who might know enough about you to guess those combinations, but it doesn't win the whole battle. Next, players will want to further randomize their password taking into account the outer layer attacker who might know zero about you personally, but who has access to a dictionary based password cracker that will run for hours trying to crack the Da Vinci code that is your sportsbook password. A good password should be completely made up, with capital letters and special characters to boot.

Do not use the same credentials at multiple online websites
The same goes for all sites: posting forums, e-mail, online brokerage accounts, your sportsbook accoun should be totally unique to that company.

This protects players across multiple fronts: Let's say your sportsbook account was already secured like Fort Knox, but you didn't take care to apply the same level of cautiousness with your Yahoo or Gmail account. If that account is connected to your sportsbook account or contains anything sensitive: saved documents like your passport or credit card information e-mailed to a sportsbook to satisfy their Know Your Customer guidelines, or your sportsbook credentials, a troublemaker already has his hands full of data that can wreak havoc on your bankroll.

The reality is that there is something fundamentally rooted into the nature of gambling that makes sports bettors claims that their accounts have been hacked awfully hard to swallow for online sportsbooks. Do not put yourself into a position where you can become the next victim of a no-good hacker. Take the suggestions above seriously, and you will only have to worry about which bank option to use when requesting payment from your online sportsbook.

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