Tips to Improve Your In-Play Sports Betting Experience

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One of the most common sportsbook complaints received by SBR involves live wagering. On occasion, players report that their sports bets are not accepted. Why does this happen?

Most of the time, when a wager is not accepted it is because of a mismatch in the player's PC clock or feed vs. what the sportsbook uses for grading purposes.

Even if a player is physically present at an event and placing a bet on the go with his mobile device, there is no guarantee that the official stream broadcasting the game will be in synchronization with the server time when the bet is posted.

Years ago this was not much of a problem because most online sportsbooks only accepted wagers during commercial breaks. The industry has evolved and operators now have full-fledged live betting platforms allowing players to wager on just about everything.

While playing with top online sportsbooks can reduce hassle as their procedures and technology are superior to new betting sites, live betting can be prone to issues if users take too long to plug a bet in.

Tips to Improve Your In-Play Sports Betting Experience

1. Look for the option to auto-fill your password. Save valuable seconds by having your browser remember the password if your online sportsbook requires the PW to be entered to confirm the wager.

2. Accept any and all line changes (even if the line moves against you). This will optimize the likelihood that your bet is accepted for the desired selection, but could mean you end up with a worse line than what was originally selected.

3. Accept only positive line changes.

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