Tip: Read Sportsbook Fine-print on Activity Rules

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Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from online sports bettors who have had their accounts closed for a "dormancy" rule.

This is a common rule among online betting sites that gives sportsbooks the right to close a player's account after a certain amount of time has elapsed since the player's last account action.

It is typically stated whether a log-in qualifies as an account action or if a wager is required every so often to keep the account activated and in good standing.

Commonly players have to pay a dormancy fee on an annual or set basis and also might waive the right to receive a free payout if their account contained a balance at the time of the dormancy closure.

Online sportsbooks traditionally will re-activate a player's account or ask the player to sign up again with a qualifying deposit before letting the player wager again, though it is not unheard of that the website will choose to keep the player account closed.

Aside from wanting new players, sportsbooks want good, active customers that will continue to enjoy their products and place wagers with some level of regularity.

Players who don't want to take the chance at losing a good out due to inactivity should brush up on the sportsbook terms and conditions to determine exactly what the dormancy policy is, if any.

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