Tip for Players: Take Screen Captures of Bets & Transactions

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Sportsbook Review receives countless complaints from players that would have been resolved with a simple screen capture.

Whether it is a discrepancy over an in-play wager, an account deposit by a certain time that did not receive a bonus attached to the transaction, or problems stemming from the sportsbook software itself and possible data loss, by recording account activity with screen captures, players can clear up most disagreements.

How to Screen Capture Wagers
Windows has a built in "Snipping Tool" which is an easy to use and no frills system that will record an area of the screen.

Other more fancy tools such as Snagit Editor allow for the entire screen to be captured with the press of a button, as well as selectable areas like with the Snipping Tool.

Good old fashioned Microsoft Paint also works for most. Simply press the button on your keyboard labeled PrtScr, which should be located to the right of the F12 key on most standard keyboard layouts. After hitting PrtScr, open Microsoft Paint, then hit Edit -> Paste or tap CTRL & V simultaneously.

By recording a copy of wagers with online sportsbooks, players save themselves a possible headache in the long run when the unexpected happens.

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