Tip for Players: Screenshot your Wagers

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Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from players who insist that they bet a certain side, only to realize that once the market is graded, their bankroll has not grown, because the wager they thought they placed was not what their sports betting site ticket read, thus their bet was graded as a loss.

Can anything be done in these situations?

More often than not, these are what is known in the industry as "human error situations", that there is an easy remedy to avoid.

Tip for players: Screenshot your Bets
SBR advises players to make a habit of recording all of their wagers. In the online age, keeping a handwritten ledger might satisfy the tax man, but it won't come into handy if there is a dispute over which team you wagered at an online sportsbook.

There are simple ways to screen capture your bets, even if you are not too PC savvy.

1) Use the Windows Snipping Tool. Hit Start -> Type in Snipping Tool:"

Then click "New" and position your mouse around the image you wish to capture. Then save the image.

2) Hit Prt Scr (print screen) and then paste the image into Microsoft Paint
A more old fashioned way of capturing images, all Windows keyboards have a prt scr button on them, typically positioned to the left of Scroll Lock, which captures your entire viewing real estate for pasting into an application or Microsoft Paint. A more unrefined yet nevertheless effective way of recording a copy of your intended images.

3) Download Snagit for Windows or Mac
If you're willing to fork over $49.95, Snagit is a highly powerful tool with compatibility for both Windows and Mac, that has many different customization options, can be printed from, allows for multiple recording shortcuts and is very easy to learn. If you've gotten frustrated with Snipping Tool or doing it the long-hand way, you might wish to consider Snagit.

Once you've saved your wager at the time of placing it, disputes will be a thing of the past. And in the event that a software did error out somehow and switch your wager, you've got the clear proof and remedy on resolving your issue with little headache.


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