Tip for Avoiding Sportsbook Disputes: Read the Fineprint

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Sportsbook Review receives many complaints from players on various issues, payout related, customer service, platform issues, the list goes on: However one of the recurring complaints is that players think that their bonus was handled unfairly, or that their wager was not graded properly. These are some of the most avoidable disputes.

It is essential that players take the time to check the sportsbook rules to read applicable fineprint whenever a sportsbook bonus is accepted. Additionally players that are new to the world of betting should take a few minutes to brush up on individual sport grading rules.

Taking the time to read the rules of each sports betting site will significantly reduce the number of disagreements between player and sportsbook. However, there are times when a standstill is unavoidable, and during these occasions SBR advises players to submit a sportsbook complaint form. SBR has helped players recover over five million dollars from online sportsbook in disputed winnings since its inception as a sportsbook industry watchdog in 1999.

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