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A (SBR rating C) player writes to SBR with negative feedback. The player says that he has been attempting to make a withdrawal for $520 since February 2nd. The player states that removed both their live chat service and phone number from its website. The player tells SBR that he has not been contacted by e-mail regarding his payout request. | report enters the SBR Sportsbook rating guide entered the SBR Sportsbook rating guide at C+ in September of 2010. It was reported by SBR that TheSportsbook had joined the Great Bet Gaming Systems platform, the same platform which powers and shares ownership with BetEd (SBR rating C+). TheSportsbook told SBR in September that Great Bet Gaming was supplying a full turnkey solution, which included processing, customer service and odds management.

SBR downgrades TheSportsbook to C
On February 4th, SBR downgraded TheSportsbook from C+ to C. In a statement to SBR, TheSportsbook management confirmed the loss of a major processor in November which has halted the operation's growth. There is uncertainty regarding the future of the sportsbook, and what is in store for current players.

SBRforum Poster 'Chopsticks' comments on TheSportsbook:

I am sure someone will like that you use their lines. BetED have some niche markets and they are not always the quickest to move on certain things. I am sure there are people out there who would want to bet on that with you as they are likely limited to $1 or $25 with BetED. No doubt people you do not want, but you can't be too picky when you are trying to break in to the market

As for the software. I never really understood why first you can browse the lines in what looks like a normal wagering selection screen, but as soon as you click the line you want, you get taken to some obscure and unnecessary client. The least it could do is to add the selection you made automatically to your bet slip after the "client" opens up. I would have tried a test deposit as well, but none of the deposit methods appealed to m.

Players with feedback on TheSportsbook are asked to write to SBR.


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