The parlay that wasn't: Bettor nearly wins $162K from WillHill Vegas

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Parlay wagers (or "multiples" as more commonly referred to outside of North America) are one of the most popular betting types.

Instead of betting on a singular game players can link two or more games to a single ticket for an increased payoff.

All games must win for the parlay to cash, which creates the opportunity for some life-changing paydays when the gambling gods are kind.

However, when the gambling gods are not in the mood, there can be an epic sense of letdown. Nobody knows that more than a sports bettor in Las Vegas who placed a 15-team parlay with William Hill: $5 to win $162,930.

The first fourteen bets all cashed: the Patriots, Cardinals, Panthers, and Broncos in the NFL; along with nine bets on college basketball, and one bet on the San Jose Sharks in NHL.

It all came down to number one ranked Oklahoma vs. number nineteen Iowa State. Unfortunately, Iowa State won by five points. It is unknown if the player decided to hedge part of his bet to guarantee some profit. The multisport progressive jackpot at William Hill has now reached $180,250, according to a report by ESPN.

William Hill online is an A rated sportsbook by SBR. The sports betting site does not accept US players.

Sportsbook Review interviewed a big $139,756 10-team parlay winner back in 2011: the player is a member of the SBR Forum message board.

After all, winning a big sports parlay is infinitely more achievable than winning the Powerball lotto. Sportsbook Review has a list showing the best sportsbook parlay odds at top sports betting websites. The page includes a parlay odds calculator which allows players to measure true odds payouts on parlays with up to fifteen legs.

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