The Differences Between Sportsbook Bonuses

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Sometimes new players can become confused at the range of offers and account incentives offered at online sportsbooks. This article lists the three key differences between the most common type of online sportsbook bonuses, including the type of new account perks which SBR has compiled on the sportsbook bonuses directory.

The sportsbook bonuses directory includes bonus data on three types of incentives.

Free Play
A free play is a reward given that can be used only once. For example, if you have a $100 free play, and you risk it entirely on the Ravens at +100 odds, your account balance would be $100 if the wager was a winner. At that point, you would have to finish whatever your rollover requirement is, the initially staked $100 would disappear.

Sportsbook Cash
A sportsbook cash bonus is most similar to your own deposited funds. In the example like the one cited above with a $100 bonus risked on the Ravens at +100 odds, with a cash bonus a player's balance would be $200. Rollover would still apply, but a player would have double the funds to have a chance at beating their sportsbook and taking a withdrawal. This is why cash bonuses are generally twice as valuable as free plays.

Free Bet
A free bet (UK) is similar to a free play except that a free bet is often at a fixed amount, i.e. a €10 free bet, and is not tied to the percentage of the funds a player deposits. Additionally there are often more wagering stipulations and restrictions than with a traditional free play and sportsbook cash bonus as they are known in Canada.

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