The 5 Best MLB Betting Sites for Valuable Savings

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The best MLB sportsbooks directory lists betting sites that will save players countless funds over the remainder of the betting season.

The reason is simple: The bettting sites indexed on the page offer what is known as an MLB dimeline.

What is an MLB dimeline?
A dimeline refers to any MLB line where a betting site charges around a 5% in commission on a Pick Em line. This commission results in a 10 cent spread difference between the price offered for the favorite and underdog. As an example, if the Yankees vs. Dodgers line was offered by a betting site at -120/+110, this is an MLB dimeline. In a long 162 game season, every small edge counts. Every sports gambler whose been around the block once or twice before knows that the small advantages add up.

Online Sportsbooks for Betting MLB

#1.) Pinnacle Sports
Pinnacle Sports offers an .08 line up to -111.  Their .18 line breaks at -215, and .20 up to -239.

#2.) Heritage Sports
Heritage Sports has an .08 line up to -115, their .10 line breaks at -170, and their .20 line breaks at -220.

#3.) 5Dimes Sportsbook
5Dimes Sportsbook offers a .10 line up to -191. Their .20 line breaks at -266.

#4.) BetOnline
BetOnline has a .10 line up to -199, a .15 line up to -239, and their .20 line breaks at -279.

#5.) BetDSI Sportsbook
BetDSI's .10 line breaks at -139, .15 up to -169, and .20 up to -.185.

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